About Us

Where we come from and where we are headed

Let's get it straight

Transparency is key.  Here you will find where we started, where we are now, and where we are headed.  That’s how we define our future.


Our CEO, Dan, has been traveling the U.S. and working for the past five years before making the move back to his hometown here in Baltimore. That's a lot networking, knowledge, and experience he's picked up.


Now open in Baltimore, we have a dominant team paving the way in the retail sector.

Future (near and far)

Due to our success, our client has tasked us with expanding into four new markets by early 2020. That's short term. Long term, Prescient, Inc is looking to expand into fifteen new markets in the next five years and help consult to ensure the success of each.

Our skill & expertise

Prescient, Inc is a sales firm working with high end clients on their operations in the retail sector.  Due to the success with our current client, we are tasked with expansion to 4 new markets in the coming year.

How do we do it?


Only pay when we deliver results.

Customer Acquisitions

It's our main focus so our team is constantly working to develop new strategy with up to date technology.

Customer Retention

Maintaining your current customers is extremely important, because we want lasting business relationships.

Speed to Market

We are the fastest around. Our clients tell us where to be and we are there.


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