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Diverse & Educated

Our talent scouts find the best people for the team. They are smart, innovative, creative, and resourceful.

Advanced Technology

We are partnered with a cloud-based software company that allows us to track customer information and quickly access what we need, all while protecting our customer and client.

Clear Goals

Expectations are set from day one and both our firm and our team have concise goals that are attainable. Action plans are put in place to achieve these goals.

Belief & Passion

Our team is passionate about our goals and believes in our mission. Every day at Prescient, Inc, our team is defining the future based on their hard work and vision to create a clear path.

Prescient, Inc


having or showing knowledge of events before they take place.

Offering benchmarking and analytics to measure performance, Prescient, Inc is becoming the leading retail sales vendor in the Baltimore market.

The tools we utilize allow our team to engage quickly with our customers, keep their information secure, and offer on the spot reporting to managers and our client.

Prescient Inc. is evolving the way companies do business. By connecting companies directly to customers through our stellar representation and creating long term relationships. It is our vision that through bringing massive value to the marketplace, our ability to grow, expand, and develop great people will allow us to bring to fruition our vision of changing the way the world does business.

  • 100% ROI
  • Generating new business
  • Maintaining current customer relationships
  • Provide highly specialized training
  • Fastest speed to market
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